The Surrender Prayer Book

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Praise for The Surrender Prayer


"Kristian Lynch’s The Surrender Prayer works to showcase the Bible as a vehicle for hope and healing.

The book’s premise is that established churches don’t always speak to the needs in the world, particularly for those struggling with challenges like addiction and depression.

Written with promise, the book addresses itself to people seeking recovery from such challenges. In particular, it is designed for those who think they no longer have the power to change their circumstances. It draws from both mental health and spiritual perspectives to discuss how challenges should be confronted. The book’s methods seek to bridge the gap between Christian spirituality and modern therapy."

-Foreword Clarion Reviews


Lynch argues that to overcome personal struggles, you must surrender them to God. A former attorney and current social worker, the author notes that many of us find ourselves wanting to control the world around us. Unwilling to capitulate to a higher power, we experience guilt, pain, and mental suffering. What to do? The author suggests we practice the “Surrender Prayer” and “enlist God to join our battle against our own personal demons.” In this well-written, inspirational workbook, Lynch provides insightful, practical ways for readers to do just that, describing a three-step process: building life awareness; developing a philosophy of acceptance; and embracing our struggles, knowing God is with us every step of the way.
The author provides questions that work as a form of guided meditation and reflective therapy, and
although the book is geared toward individuals, he includes a chapter on how to adapt the program for groups. A thoughtful, compassionate writer, Lynch delivers prose that’s simple but effective, and the insights and questions he provides inspire and delight. Spiritual seekers from all walks of life will find this valuable book earnest, useful, and encouraging.

-Booklist Starred Reviews